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On February 5, a tragic 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by a 7.5 aftershock, shook southeast Turkey so bad that the tremors were felt in Iran, Syria, Israel and even Egypt.  The devastation is massive.   

Two weeks later, the death toll has reached well over 40,000.
Thousands of people are still buried and missing. Tens of thousands of people have been injured, have lost their homes and all they had. What a tragedy!  

As a ministry that has been involved in this region of the world for a long time, we were able to respond quickly to help meet immediate needs in villages and among refugees where little relief work has happened.   

Thank you for coming alongside us and partnering with us to meet the needs of the people in this area. Because of you families have shelter. 


Plan and conduct regional and international discipleship conferences and Christian leadership seminars.


Conduct Islam Awareness Seminars and training on how to evangelize Muslims.


Assist Iranian, Afghan and other Christian refugees from Islamic countries with documentation, referrals, sponsorship, and resettlement.

Christians in Muslim countries

Provide counseling, communication, information, and referral services and monitors the human rights of Christians in Muslim countries and providing advocacy on their behalf.

Persian Language

Establish and strengthen the Persian language interdenominational Bible study groups, churches, and organizations.


Publish, reprint and distribute Persian, Dari, and English Christian literature for evangelism, discipleship, and training.

"In the last days I shall restore the fortunes of Elam (Iran), declares the Lord.” - Jeremiah 49:39
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